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Corporate social responsibility

Andersen S.A. has been fully committed to CSR policies for several years, as it understands that it is an important part of its philosophy to comply with ethical standards within and outside the company.



EQUALITY: More than half of the staff and two of the five members of the Board are women.

WORK-LIFE BALANCE: Timetable flexibility for the entire workforce of the company and / or reduction of the working day that in no way impedes the professional development of any member of our team.

DIVERSITY: The staff of our company is made up of people of various nationalities.


RECYCLING: All the paper used in the company’s facilities is recycled in collaboration with a specialized company. There is a collection point for batteries and printer toner.

PAPER: Policy of re-utilization of paper that has only been used on one side.

Social Action

We co-operate with ASAV Rubí (an entity in the city which represents the “Incorpora” Social Work Program of the Caixa) in the collection of plastic bottles tops for the purchase of food for children, as well as, together with the employees of the company, food and clothing donations.


The donation policy of Andersen S.A. is related to the promotion of science in society and stimulation of innovation.

ANDERSEN, S.A. Is the patron of the Vet+ i Foundation  a Spanish Platform for Animal Health with the mission of promoting animal health research in Spain.


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